Automatic door, as the name suggests, is a door that opens automatically when approaching to it. The automatic door has the functionality of being a structure element that allows entry and exit. Also, there are automatic door models opened with buttons, cards, and encrypted systems in different enterprises.

Working Principle of Automatic Doors

The sensor detects the approach and the door opens automatically. However, there are different types of automatic door sensors. For instance, pressure sensor is one of those types in the range of sensors. It reacts to pressure when someone stepped on it or stopped stepping, resulting in opening or closing the door. In addition, the curtain is formed from infrared invisible lights and the sensor is activated and the doors are opened. Another example is infrared sensors. In addition, it is well known that there are sensors installed in vehicles. Button or magnetic card is also another system among sensor types. Automatic door systems have different variations such as inward or outward opening or having an automatic revolving door. In general, Automatic door systems have a sensor that recognizes the approach of a person. The sensitivity of this sensor can be adjusted. Automatic doors use electrical energy as a power source. However, all automatic door systems have a manual system that will continue to operate during a power failure.

In automatic door systems, after-work service is as important as the job itself. Our company guarantees the quality in the implementation of the work and the service provided after it.