Composite cladding systems are developed for exterior facades of buildings. In addition to the standard production dimensions, it is possible to use coated products in special dimensions based on the customer's request. Composite cladding systems are the work of advanced technology. You can encounter with composite cladding in every stage of modern architecture. It should be pointed that it is possible to use more than one material in the composite cladding. Natural wood cladding, aluminum plate and marine plywood are among the materials that can be used for composite cladding.

Features of Composite Facade Cladding

Composite claddings are known to be highly durable, especially with their resistance to breakage. In addition, it should be noted that the composite cladding is resistant to oxidation, rust, fire and cracking as well. Composite coatings are frequently used for building exterior facade cladding. It should be noted that composite claddings are widely used when it comes to decorations and billboards. In addition, it is known that composite claddings are used in almost every field. Composite claddings can be easily found in shopping malls, hotels, banks, metro stations and many other areas. This covering material is popular among architects in Turkey and throughout the world. We should take a moment to appreciate the difference composite cladding makes, especially in newly constructed buildings. Composite cladding makes buildings look fancier and more elegant than ever before. During the renovation and decoration processes of old buildings, it is necessary not to deny the existence of composite claddings in the disappearance of the old and uncomfortable appearance and the replacement of a warm and elegant image.

There are many reasons that our customers have who wants to use composite cladding. Before anything else, composite claddings are characterized with its lightness. In addition, they can be used for many years because of their sturdiness. They don't need repair. They can be easily shaped due to their flexibility.