Covered Facade is a unique system where galvanized anchors are connected to components that carry the weight of the facade in which those components are connected to building floors with special screw anchors, where glasses- measured by the project- are screwed with press screws and a cover. This system is known for its economic nature and promising features in terms of visual quality. It includes dominant vertical and horizontal lines. Hidden sash application is applied in this system. Manufacturing of concealed sashes is included. In addition, it is necessary to say that single and double axis, transom sash application made from heat-insulated aluminum joinery can also be applied. In case of wide opening occurrences, reinforcement with steel is considered based on static necessity in covered facade systems. It is possible to make these facades quite safely in wide openings, provided that steel reinforcement is applied.

Features of Covered Facade Systems

In the covered facade system, aluminum profiles with an appearance of 50 mm in width both vertical and horizontal are seen when viewed from the outside. This system has many cover alternatives such as colors and shapes. Heat, sound and water insulation of the profiles that are mechanically connected is provided by EPDM strips just like that of Silicone facade. The need for opening the sashes in the covered facade system is fulfilled through special casing and sash profiles. It is possible to open these sashes at any desired point on this profiles with panes affixed to the structure with silicone. It is possible to claim that the sashes are preferred as reverse transom. However, some tweaks and adjustments can be made based on customers’ demands. It should be said that the usage of covered facade systems are highly common in Turkey. The reason for this is the fact that this system was among the first systems that used in the world. This system is known to be widespread due to ease of production and installation. In addition, they can be used in all kinds of structures due to their easy applicability.