Materials such as stone, composite, glass and metal plates are used in curtain wall systems. To briefly summarize the curtain wall, it is an engineering, assembly and a construction system, which includes modern architectural lines, is preferred in fancy buildings and has different styles.

What are Curtain Walling Systems?

We can talk about what kind of services our company offers to customers who want to get information about curtain wall systems. Primarily, curtain walls are known as systems that require special expertise for constructs such as prestigious and high-rise buildings that are different from standard designs, and where modern construction techniques take place and experience and knowledge shines the most. They are appreciated for their functional and aesthetic qualities. They are often preferred because of their level of protection against exterior factors, their ability to correct mistakes in shapes, having no aesthetical flaws, saving energy through isolation and the fact that its materials can be applied to different kinds of designs. In addition to weight, the type of coating used is also decisive in the classification of facade systems. It should be stated that the classification is divided into seven categories according to the type of coating. They are known as covered facade systems, structural silicone facade systems, panel facade systems and skylight systems. It is necessary to say that the facade systems have gained the appreciation of our customers for their easy maintenance and cleaning features after assembly. The services provided by our company reflect the definition of quality in the curtain wall systems, in which the dreams of an architecture that makes a difference comes true.