Modular partition wall is especially appreciated for its disassembly feature. Different and useful body volumes are obtained in modular partition systems. Modular partition wall systems are quick and practical when it comes to implementation. In terms of decoration, these systems offer a variety of different possibilities. We can say that modular partition wall systems that create an elegant and simple appearance are in the first choice for many of our customers.

Features of Modular Partition Wall Systems

Modular partition wall systems are also known as modular office partition systems. Modular office partition systems are particularly preferred for hygiene, sound, cleaning, and fire control, access to installations, fast assembly and disassembly required by the office environment. First of all, modular partition wall systems provide clean and tidy working areas. In addition to the stylish and aesthetically pleasing environment in the offices, it is possible to create the required spaces in the living areas thanks to the superior technology and practical systems. Thanks to the modular partition wall systems, it is possible to divide the working space as desired and according to function. With this feature, modular partition wall systems can be used in perfect functionality in schools, shopping malls, conference halls, large rooms, bank branches and many other areas. Beside these factors, there are options such as glazed panels, door panels, curved panels, open corner panels that can meet all kinds of needs in any office partition system. In addition, it allows insulation profile to be insulated as perfectly as possible.

In modular partition wall systems, it is possible to apply options such as full glass partition, semi-glass partition, single glass, double glazing and blinds, acoustic partition wall according to the characteristics of the space. At this point, our company provides services by combining the wishes of our customers and our own experiences.