Silicone facade is a unique system where galvanized anchors are connected to components that carry the weight of the facade in which those components are connected to building floors with special screw anchors and heat glasses that are joined into wood profiles with screwed clips. It guarantees a leak proof system through having rubber silicone reliability. Silicone facade comes with an advantage of quick and easy installation. In addition, both maintenance and cleaning can be carried out quite easily, which makes customers to prefer the silicone facade. The aluminum profile cannot be seen when silicone facade cladding system is viewed from outside. However, there is a joint gap sized 15mm both in wide and depth in glass joints. We’ve mentioned that the leak proofing in between glass panels is an important feature. It is achieved through EPDM strips and silicone. There are special switches between glasses that are used for making hidden sash windows.

Silicone is used in between glass and aluminum panels in silicone facade cladding systems. Other than that, component silicone is used in double glazing provided that it is between two glasses. A great importance is attainted to silicon application processes. We do our utmost best to comply with the quality control test procedures determined by the silicone company. Silicone facade cladding systems allows the surface appearance to be perceived as flat by not using any outer covers. The richness in the diversity of vertical profiles is a decisive factor in responding to both the desired statics and the needs of designers. It would be right for those who wish to get silicone facade services to prefer our company, considering the amount of experience we have in this sector in terms of quality, speed and trust.