Spider facade is a system which consists of glass or stainless elements different from aluminum framed systems of the lower carrier system. Spider facades contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the buildings, as well as making more use of the sun's rays and revealing the interior space to the eye.

Features of Spider Facade Systems

The most important feature of Spider facade systems is its stainless structure. Spider facade enables different architectural designs due to the feature of pinning the glass from different fixed parts with pin-point accuracy. In addition, it is possible to mechanically connect it to the load-bearing steel construction of tempered laminated timber and heat glasses. Spider facade systems are made with glass and carrier system components that have the highest durability. However, the properties of the carrier material vary based on the models and thickness of the glasses. As a result of static calculations, tempered, laminated glasses with different thicknesses determined according to the size of the glass are used in Spider facade systems. In these systems, it is crucial to use tempered glasses. Silicone sealants with dust-free feature are applied to the spaces between the glasses. We recommend those who wish to get their stainless spider facades made from high quality materials to prefer our company.