Steel construction; is defined as the steel structure system in the simplest terms. In this system, all carrier systems are made of steel. Steel construction is used extensively, especially in earthquake-threatened areas. It is important to state that the development and the level of usage of steel construction in Turkey have changed over the years. Urbanization has generally focused on the areas that are considered to be first and second degree earthquake zones. Therefore, it is possible to say that was a little need for steel construction systems back in the day. Steel structures are characterized by their superior mechanical properties compared to similar carrier systems. Also, we can claim that steel structures have better static capabilities and application properties. Steel construction is usually the first choice of many customers because of its economic situation. Its popularity has been increasing more and more due to its fast and secure features. Furthermore, the fact that the steel construction has certain standards makes it much more valuable.

Where is Steel Construction Used?

Steel construction is generally used in aircraft hangars, sports facilities, factory buildings, industrial buildings, workshops and warehouses. Since there are countless people in these types of areas, the building systems used in those must be highly developed and reliable. In addition, steel construction is preferred in such places due to its quick installation and dismantling. Steel construction is preferred for all advantages of steel. The resistant and durability of steel is particularly prominent when compared to concrete and wooden structures. In addition, the steel construction stands out especially for its harmony in areas with poor ground conditions. The fact that it takes up less space than the load it carries gives steel a noticeable advantage.