Materials such as marble, travertine, ceramic and sinter flex are also used for different visual applications in exterior cladding. Our company performs the stages of cutting, sizing, assembly from scratch and creates high quality and guaranteed stone facade applications.

Materials such as marble, travertine, ceramic and sinter flex, which are applied once in exterior cladding works, have a heavier mass than other cladding elements. Therefore, the cladding process must be executed very carefully and the static calculations should be very smooth and accurate. We offer guaranteed service in both design and installation with our qualified technical and assembly personnel.

Our company performs installations of marble, travertine, ceramic and sinter flexes with metal constructions or with clip systems. Thanks to this system, thermal insulation is also provided by using rock wool in the infrastructure.

Product and color selection is made base on the desired architectural designs. Some materials are not suitable for exterior facade applications, the suitability of these materials needs to be checked carefully during the material selection process.