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We go beyond premium low-carbon materials to run every part of our business as sustainably as possible.

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Exterior Applications

Aluminum Facade Cladding Systems

Materials such as stone, composite, glass and metal sheet are used in curtain wall systems. To briefly summarize the curtain wall, it is the engineering, assembly and construction systems that have modern architectural lines, are preferred in the construction of stylish buildings, and are appreciated thanks to their different designs.

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With Doruk Cephe

Facade is a leader in the development and marketing of innovative, sustainable aluminum solutions for automatic doors and cladding.

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About Doruk Cephe

Doruk Cephe Sistemleri LTD., which we established in 2016, we have gained from the experience we have gained in the sector we are in since 2005. STI. as a corporate identity. We are trying to respond to the needs of the dynamic, constantly developing and growing sector with our technical service staff consisting of architects and engineers who are experts in their fields.

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